Bentley – Bentayga

June 2015

Conceived by agency Keko London, the spot was directed by John Sunter through MPC Creative. Inspired by the relationship we have with the physical world it shows the ties between nature and the technology in the Bentayga.

Director John said of the project,“This teaser film is a celebration of the Bentayga’s state of the art drive technology that masters any environment with the gentlest touch from the driver. We wanted to show the intuitive experience one feels whilst driving without revealing too much of the product (this is a teaser after all), so we relied on giving the film a human, tactile quality.”

The shoot took place over two days, one on security lock-down with the vehicle itself, the other a separate elements shoot. The hand model was shot interacting with props designed to match the inside of the car. The plates were then matched together in Flame giving full control of movement, light and aesthetic.

The textural elements, such as rock and ice were all filmed on blue screen and composited together with background elements to create natural surroundings.

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