Dewars – Neville Neville

Oct 2018

It was great working with Benji, Giles and the guys at AMV on this film. Attending the shoot in Prague gave me chance to get to know everyone and get an important head start on the approach to the creative needed.

It was really useful being there to answer questions as well as collaborate and start designing the VFX whilst we were still shooting. We used slap comps to work out which takes were going to work best to help the edit process.

The DMP element for the tent scene was designed in a garage on a laptop whilst on set, and then we continued to improve and refine the look back in London at ETC.  The second treehouse was completely designed in blender. This meant we could try out lots of ideas and see them in the correct lighting. We gradually refined until we were at a point where we could render and comp in Flame.

Electric theatre collective

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