Funding Circle – VFX Breakdown 

Aug 2017

Shot and presented to us as a one take wonder, ETC were asked to ‘magically’ transform this from a tiny drum kit into a full on prog rock banger. Although there were clean takes we quick recognised that doing some kind of concealed wipe or take over, just wasn’t going to cut it. We weren’t in the mood for second best so we gritted our teeth and bit the bullet.

We created a very accurate camera track, and then shared that data between flame nuke and maya. UV unwrapping the floor enabled us to retouch out the shadows reflections and the reference stand over the parquet flooring. We matched the position of the cleaned up floor to the hero floor and projected it into the scene. We worked hard on recreating he shadows, specular changes and reflections before adding in the matched volume rays from the shot plate.

Working from the back wall forwards, we worked on rebuilding every element of the room from to reproject into our new 3d scene. A small cgi drum kit was textured and lit to match our hero kit and was integrated in between the bits of drums we were keeping, ie the hi-hats and pedals. Detailed roto and lot of painting enabled us to gradually restore our drummer over our recreated background and cgi drumkit to create the final effect.

Electric Theatre Collective

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