Lurpak – Freestyle

Aug 2015

W+K have released another sumptuous spot for Lurpak, directed by Juan Cabral through MJZ. The film captures the beautiful, rhythmic chaos of freestyling in the kitchen and takes viewers on a journey of flavor experimentation and explosive taste sensations.

MPC’s VFX team created the invisible VFX, subtley enhancing the ingredients and removing blemishes and rigs. To create the extreme magnified close-ups the team shot various food items between two pieces of glass, before augmenting further back in the studio.

The barrel butter wave was created in-camera, before perfecting the look with detail and rounded edges based on reference shots of the perfect wave. Many shots are made up of multiple stills, including the onion rings and the stove-top gas flames which were composited layers built up to create the final effect.

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