Nike – Nothing Beats a Londoner

Feb  2018

Yes Fam! Wieden + Kennedy team up with Megaforce to bring their kinetic vision to this Nike spot celebrating how hard we Londoners are. Lenny McLean, Reggie Kray, Danny Dyer and Ray Winstone would need more than a tool to take on this crew of fit young Londoners spurring each other on to greater and more extreme heights. TBA took on the post for this epic 3 minute spot that features cameos from the worlds of Grime, TV and Sport. The advert zig zags across London like a caffeinated Uber driver in rush hour and there are more roadmen in it than there are resurfacing the North Circular when you are trying to get to Ikea to buy a Fado lamp. On top of this we learn the important life lesson never to pretend to be mates with Alex Iwobi if you want a good nights sleep. The only quibble you could have is that they chose to do a scene in Morley’s – Chicken Cottage is the choice of any discerning chicken connoisseur in the capital. However we will let them off because the result is just so good. Our amazing crew put Savlon on their blisters, rubbed some Deep Heat on their crotches and shot cortisone into their eyes to get this one across the finish line.

Time Based Arts

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