Paddy Power – Away day footy fan

July 2017

The latest ad in Paddy Power’s “You beauty!” campaign celebrates the commitment of a disabled football fan travelling to an away game.

The man overcomes packed train carriages and stampedes on his way to the stadium, but he has the last laugh after scoring a pitch side position in the disabled viewing area. Lucky Generals created the spot with input from Level Playing Field, an organisation that represents disabled sports fans. While Paddy Power’s hero is fortunate to get the “best seats in the house”, the charity campaigns to change the obstacles and poor access that disabled sports fans usually face.

A short schedule for the VFX didn’t phase the amazing team of 2d artists from ETC . The shoot was supervised by ETC’s Ryan Knowles, capturing multiple takes of one hundred extras at a secret London location. These were then replicated in flame into a massively raucous cheering crowd. Waving scarves and camera flashes were added to enhance the effect of the crowd. The architecture of the stadium had to be changed from a red stadium to blue one, so this needed a very light / sympathetic touch as it appeared throughout many areas of the edit. An CGI model of a football was animated in flame to create the perfectly timed ‘through ball’ pass. Split screened players, pitch markings, as well as lots of other cleanups, all in record time!

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